A Letter To O-Girl

Dearest daughter of mine,

How I have prayed for you!  I have always wanted to have a daughter(s) with whom I could talk and share those “girlie” times like shopping, fixing hair, decorating with pretty things, having tea parties, cooking and cleaning together, and talking about guys with you.  I can’t wait for it all — okay maybe I will change my tune once I hit some of the difficult stages — but I really am looking forward to sharing that special closeness that only mothers and daughters share.  I feel so blessed to have you as my daughter!

I still remember when the ultrasound technician told us you were a girl.  I remember how I couldn’t sleep that night because I was so excited!  Don’t misunderstand me, I love having sons, but I was ready to have the mother-daughter experience too.  Besides, I was ready for a more feminine change to our home.  I felt a little outnumbered, and there was already enough testosterone flying around.  Sometimes, there is only so much that I can relate to a house full of males, where the fists fly, weapons are formed from literally anything and everything, and the favorite activity is running around screaming while being chased by the Daddy “Dragon”.  I guess you are already learning what I mean.  Anyway, there are times I enjoy more “girlie” activities, and I hope to enjoy those with you, daughter of my heart.

Precious girl, as I hold you in my arms, admiring your beauty, I still find myself amazed and thrilled that you are mine!  You are now four months old.  You are amazingly alert — have been for some time now — and have an incredible attention span.  You love people and will contentedly go to anyone, smiling and charming everyone.  I can’t tell you how many strangers stop me to tell me how beautiful you are.  They are right; you are beautiful!  Though my dear daughter, I want you to know that your worth is not based on your outward appearance.  Our world seems to often judge a person’s worth by the outward package rather than the inward contents.  Whether you continue to outwardly be judged as beautiful, my daughter, may it be the inner you that shines forth with true beauty.  I have met some people that at first appear beautiful, but after awhile, you begin to see the selfishness, meanness, and pettiness.  No longer does that person seem as beautiful.  I have also met people that might not be considered so outwardly attractive, but their inner character shines forth with such radiance that the outward also begins to appear beautiful.

What a beautiful and amazing moment it was when I first held you in my arms!  Only a few hours before your arrival, I remember pulling up to the park for “Family Fun Fridays”, as we called them.  We had taken your brothers to a local park for them to play.  Just as we pulled in to park, my water broke.  It was a crazy experience as I had never experienced that before.  The nurses had to brake my water with your brothers when I was in active labor and sometimes transition.  With you, I had the crazy and amusing experience of literally sitting in a puddle of water.  Your brothers thought I had wet my pants.  Will said that he was glad he was not a lady.  The next day, Luke announced to the church that I had wet my pants. 🙂  It’s a good thing my water did break as I knew to head to the hospital we had chosen an hour away.  Once again, I had the same midwife deliver you that delivered Drew and Luke.  She was amazing again and came in special just to deliver you.  Okay, I know, you are bored by these details, but I never want to forget them because I remember how amazing it was to have such a fast labor — three hours from the first timeable contraction to when you made your appearance.  Only about half an hour of it was painful.  God was so good!  I still remember how healthy and pink you were immediately!  The nurses from each shift kept exclaiming over how unusually beautiful and pink you were.  I remember holding your sweet, warm body in my arms for the first time.  It was wonder, awe, and love all at once.  Later I asked your daddy if he checked to make sure you were a girl.  He said he did (he caught you as you were born).

So, here were are four months later.  Now you wear 6-9 months clothes, hold yourself up well, try to sit up, push yourself back a bit, grab at toys, smile, laugh, and talk baby prattle a lot.  We all love you!

Little girl, you will always be loved, but I don’t know how many opportunities I will have to write a letter to you like this so I want to share a few thoughts with you.

First of all, I want you to know that as much as I love you, God loves you more.  He created you for a specific purpose in mind, and it is all good because He only designs for good.  My prayer is that you might know personally how much He loves you and that you would accept Him as your Lord and Savior at a young age.  I want you to know the same desire to love and obey God as I had as a little girl.  In fact, I want you to have an even greater desire and love for Him.

Secondly, I want you to have some guidelines in mind when it comes to relationships.  Okay, I am tackling a huge task and will need to write more.  So let’s start with some basics, keep yourself for your husband in purity of mind and body.  That is no small task, and I know it.  With a proper view though of what value you are and have, you can do it with God’s grace.  Submit to your father’s advice and seek a man as good as your dad.  Don’t just go by outward attraction or yield to a man’s flattery.  Guys are often well-versed in this and know just what to say and do to make you feel like there’s nothing beyond the moment.  That’s not true.  I enjoyed my first kiss with your dad on our wedding day.  By God’s grace, I was able to present your father with a gift that he treasured because he also had his values in the right place.  He had kept himself for me as well.  We both had an amazing start to our marriage that neither of us will forget.  There are no regrets or shame or bondage to past relationships.  Rather, your father and I have a depth of love and trust and security in each other because we know that we are both committed to the marriage vows we made.  Darling, don’t let anyone’s wrong values or the world’s perspectives cloud your goals.  Aim high, and you will be amazed…!

Prepare yourself to be a godly wife by learning how to serve your family and others now.  Your single years are your “training ground.”  No matter what God has in mind for you, seek excellence in everything you do — whether it be education, physical health, your relationship with God, purity of heart and body, service to others, etc…  You are a prize — a jewel.  Your value is beyond any price we can try to affix to it!  You are a radiant, priceless gift from God to us and someday to the world — whether it be through talents you share with the world or whether it be through the children you raise to impact a world.  You’ll leave a stamp on this world.  May it be one that changes and transforms for good because you are a vessel that God is able to use.  I love you, daughter of mine!  Time to share a few more hugs and kisses…

One thought on “A Letter To O-Girl

  1. Amy, That was one of the most beautiful “letters I’ve ever read. It’s just the way I would want to say how I feel about Becca, but could never say it the way you do. You are a jewel also and Jonathan is blessed to have you and such a wonderful family. Love always, Dad

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