I just took Olivia to her two-month apt. so here are the stats.  I always think it’s fun to see how everyone compares.

Olivia: 12 1/2 pounds, 15 1/2 inches head, 23 inches in height

Luke: 12 1/2 pounds, 16 inches head, 23 inches in height (He started out more than a pound less in weight than Olivia, was also shorter, and had a smaller head circumference)

Drew: 12 pounds, 9 ozs.; 16 inches head; 23 inches height

Will: 13 pounds 10 1/2 ozs.; 16 1/2 inches head; 22 inches height (I have a question mark on this, and I have a guess that the measurement was off.)

Mommy: 12 pounds 10 ozs. (I started out weighing almost exactly what Olivia weighed at birth.  We both weighed close to a pound more than the boys.); 16 inches head; 23 3/4 inches height (interesting that I was the tallest at this wage)

Daddy: 10 pounds (He always weighed less than the kids and I.  They must take after me more in weight, or at least their milk was similar to the kind I drank.P; 15 3/4 inches head; 22 1/2 inches length