Family, Fun, Flowers, and Farming

This past weekend was a busy time as a family but also fun.  Jonathan had off for Memorial Day so we spent the extended weekend, planting our garden, getting some stuff together for the bathroom, taking the boys to soccer and softball games, doing yard work, and trying to have some fun time as a family.  It was a busy time, and we didn’t get  all the bathroom work done like we’d planned, but we did get our garden done, and we did have special family times.  As Jonathan said, “Our kids are more important than a new bathroom.”  He has his priorities right.

I was going to blog something more interesting, but I am feeling brain “freeze” as I am overly tired.  Plus, I have a bunch of things waiting to get done so I need to stop blogging and get busy.

One thought on “Family, Fun, Flowers, and Farming

  1. Jennifer Ott

    Aren’t you grateful for husbands with right priorities?! I am like you: I want to get the projects done and the house clean. Andy is smarter… I will pray we can both be grateful instead of frustrated!

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