Breakfast & Boys

This morning, I had a delightful surprise!  I heard the boys head downstairs and immediately got up to remind them that are not allowed downstairs without permission.  Will started to cry and said they wanted to surprise me.  I told him okay.  A short time later, three little boys came tramping up the stairs and into my bedroom.  One boy carried a plate with a bowl of cereal on it.  Another boy carried a glass of water.  The third little boy carried a picture that they had drawn for me, depicting Jonathan, myself, and the three little boys holding hands outside.  Very excitedly, they informed me that they had brought me breakfast in bed.  They disappeared again to bring a silk napkin and my glucometer.  Once again, they left and reappeared with breakfast for themselves, along with napkins and place-mats which they set up at the food of my bed.  They then adorably sang, “We wish you a happy Mother’s Day!”  No one put them up to this, but they thought of this all on their own.  I laughed, smiled, and gave some huge hugs and kisses.  What a delightful gift and encouragement our little boys are!  …And to think that they are only 6, 5, and 3!