Different Types of Kisses

The boys and I have this fun thing we do before bed.  I just love it and treasure it because I know that it is one of those things that will end in a few years.  Yup, I get the poochey lip when I consider that this is time-limited.

Tonight as I was tucking Drew into bed, he said, “Mommy, let’s do ‘butterfly kisses’.”   So we did “butterfly kisses.”  I then said, “How about ‘Eskimo kisses’?”  It is so sweet to share these precious moments with my cute little guys!  I love the fact that I can still give them huge “smoochies”, as Drew calls them and great big “bear hugs.”  Why do I so easily forget this when I tire of messes and behaviors that need to be improved?

Lord, remind me that today is such a blessing and treasure that can only be enjoyed today.

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