Soccer, Softball, Swim Mom!

I have officially become a “soccer, softball, and soon-to-be swim mom”!  That’s me!  I know there is the whole stigma about it: minivans, ponytails, bad driving skills… Two of those descriptions do fit me: I drive a minivan, and I often wear my hair in a ponytail for their practices.  I am not ashamed of my minivan though — I happen to love it and am very thankful for it.  As soon as we started to minivan shop, my dream was to get a beige Honda Odyssey with leather seats.  God in His kindness provided one for us.  I am so thankful for not just four wheels that get us places we need to go but for a nice vehicle that runs well, so far.

Ponytails aren’t that bad really.  Besides, I do plan to get a new hair-cut and soon.  It’s nice to have hair that is so versatile.  If only I was more talented in arranging/styling it better.  🙂

As far as driving goes, I try to be a safe driver so I hope that my record stays good.

I, for one, love to take my kids to practices and games.  It’s part of being a mom and loving my kids and loving life with them.  I love watching them and knowing that they are watching for me.  I love hearing the questions afterwards, “Mom, did you see me kick the ball?” and “Mom, my team won!”  I smile and laugh as I see their personalities emerge even in the game.  …One boy who is so preoccupied with everything around him that he often forgets to watch the ball.  …One boy who needs lots of affirmation and is afraid to really go after the ball but is so happy when he does get to kick it.  Such tender hearts!  Amazing to think that I can help build healthy confidence in them because of who God made them to be!

My third son is rearing to go.  He so wants to play.  I think he’ll be quite the sports’ player because he has skills and is very driven and very focused.  Time will tell, of course.  Whether he is average, extraordinary, or fails, he’ll still be my son; and I will always treasure him.

Thanks, God, for loving me too and cheering for me — not based on my abilities but because You love me!

4 thoughts on “Soccer, Softball, Swim Mom!

  1. Jennifer Ott

    What fun! Hope you are getting lots of pictures! What do you do to keep Luke busy during games and practice? Take along his own balls to play with?! And, I must agree, ponytails are a mother’s necessity… I am getting mine cut again so I have to do my hair!

    1. mommyofboyz

      Jenn, I just bring Luke’s own soccer ball along. He had fun trying to imitate everything his big brothers did. He also had fun playing with a baby nearby and sitting in his chair at times.

  2. Dear Mommy of Boyz (and a (1) “Girlz” in the oven–Almost done!! Loved your story about soccer, Amy. Send some pics. And if possible take a little video. They will love showing it to their first serious girlfriend! Ha! Have you thought about that yet? You probably haye enough to think about to get you through tomorrow at lunchtime. By the way, what are their favorite lunches? Finally, why is this super fancy computer telling me that “have” isn’t a real word?!#*%?!! Love to all Knights (even the one who won’t stay a “Knight forever) Pop-Pop

  3. mommyofboyz

    Dear Dad, I do think about the boys’ future wives. I even pray about it sometimes. 🙂

    I have some soccer pictures posted on my FB account. G.G. also has some on her Ceiva. You’ll have to go over sometime to see them.

    The boys’ favorite lunches are: yogurt with peaches, carrots with dressing, cheese slices, grapes, and a sandwich. Yes, we do try to eat fairly healthy. 🙂

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