A New Bathroom & A New Baby

We are getting ready at our house for a new baby and for a new bathroom!  Jonathan has been ripping out old walls so we can put in a new bathroom downstairs.  I can’t wait to have a bathroom that we can easily access without always climbing stairs.  It will also have a shower, which will be great when company comes.  No more needing to have company trek through our bedroom in order to use our shower.  My only concern is will this get done in time before Baby arrives.  I really want the mess out of the house before then.  I guess that’s the main job and putting in our garden before Baby arrives.  Of course, I want to clean my attic too, but I have decided to be realistic and to not hold onto that expectation.  My dear husband is doing all he can with the time he has to get the bathroom done.

It’s hard to believe how soon our little one will be here.  I love to look into her drawers at the adorable clothing and imagine her wearing it all.  The only thing I have left to do is to pack my bags, and that I am definitely waiting to do until we are much closer to her due date.  🙂

4 thoughts on “A New Bathroom & A New Baby

  1. Jennifer Ott

    Oh, I hope that bathroom can get done for you! It would just save you some hassle… House projects are the worst! We are wading through them trying to get the house ready to sell. You know how it goes: our days are already full to the brim. Add painting, cleaning, etc., and something doesn’t get done!

    1. mommyofboyz

      Me too, Jenn. I really empathize with you. That is rough! Wish I could help you. Knowing you though, you’ll manage to do all that plus cook meals to feed 20+ people every week. Oh, and you’ll have company for a week too. 🙂

  2. patchofheaven

    Wow! Where are you guys putting the new bathroom? That will be SO nice. I had to smile at that “cleaning out the attic” bit. Sure sounds like you’re nesting! Aren’t little girl clothes ADORABLE?! I love shopping for my girls. It’s just *different* from boy clothes shopping.

    1. mommyofboyz

      In the closet off the DR. Yeah, I am sort of nesting — though you wouldn’t know it by my house. It’s dirty again. All the dirt from tearing down the walls is getting tracked throughout my rooms. Oh well!

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