Carpooling — My Answer to Prayer!

Ever since we moved to our latest home, I have been praying that someone would be willing to carpool with my husband.  He has been trying and trying to no avail.  Thanks to the rising gas prices — that’s one positive side — he finally has some takers.  This week, he has been able to carpool four days out of the five.  I am so thankful!   Maybe, we can keep from replacing his car in the next five years after all.  The gas savings are essential too.  I kept wondering why no one wanted to carpool with the environmental and economical issues at stake.  Thankfully, it’s finally working out!  The plus side is that I also get my husband home earlier.  He has to get up a lot of earlier for work, but he gets home earlier.  That makes me very happy! 🙂

Sensational Spring!

I confess that of all the seasons, I love spring best.  I really do enjoy all the seasons, but there is something so invigorating about the fresh air of spring, the gorgeous flowers, the perfect temperatures (for the most part), and my renewed desire to get outside and simply dig in the dirt that really fills my senses to overflowing.  The other Saturday as I was working in our gardens, I looked up at Jonathan and said, “I think one of my favorite things to do is to dig in the dirt.”  He smiled in return and said, “You must be a mommy of boys.”  I just love weeding, cleaning out my gardens, planting new flowers, mulching, and then taking lots of pictures.  I have so many visions of what I hope to do each year with our gardens.  Someday, I hope to have my sons and their families come here for a visits to enjoy our lovely, relaxing gardens.  I know that I am crazy, but I already am thinking of what things I can do to make it special for them when they visit.  I want to be the kind of mother-in-law that my sons’ wives love to visit.  I also want our home to be a place of relaxation and refreshment for them.  I hope I can remember all that when that time comes, Lord-willing.  It’s easy to forget what it was like when your own kids were young.

I also love to picture working with my sweet husband in our gardens together, enjoying God’s creation together.  I love my husband and anticipate enjoying each season of life with him, Lord-willing!

As I sit here typing these words, even now, my eyes stray to the windows to look out at my lovely gardens with their bright colors.  How thankful I am that God decided to create a colorful world for us to enjoy!

A New Bathroom & A New Baby

We are getting ready at our house for a new baby and for a new bathroom!  Jonathan has been ripping out old walls so we can put in a new bathroom downstairs.  I can’t wait to have a bathroom that we can easily access without always climbing stairs.  It will also have a shower, which will be great when company comes.  No more needing to have company trek through our bedroom in order to use our shower.  My only concern is will this get done in time before Baby arrives.  I really want the mess out of the house before then.  I guess that’s the main job and putting in our garden before Baby arrives.  Of course, I want to clean my attic too, but I have decided to be realistic and to not hold onto that expectation.  My dear husband is doing all he can with the time he has to get the bathroom done.

It’s hard to believe how soon our little one will be here.  I love to look into her drawers at the adorable clothing and imagine her wearing it all.  The only thing I have left to do is to pack my bags, and that I am definitely waiting to do until we are much closer to her due date.  🙂