Pregnancy Comments

I don’t know how many of you ladies have heard these comments, but these have all literally been said to me.  I have gotten to the point that I just want to laugh because it’s kind of ridiculous.  Okay, sometimes, I feel a little offended.  So, enjoy and laugh along…

“Wow!  You’re fat!  At least it’s for a good reason.”

“You’re huge!  I never got that big!”

“Are you sure the doctor didn’t get the dates wrong?”

“Are you sure you aren’t expecting twins?”

“You still have seven weeks to go?!!”

“You keep growing every time I see you.”

“That’s quite the belly.”

8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Comments

  1. 🙂
    You get worse comments when you go somewhere with 4 children (sadly). You look absolutely adorable. Everyone seems to have to comment on things yet I don’ t think most people usually mean anything mean by comments that may seem rude- they are just thoughtless.

    1. mommyofboyz

      Carol, I can see that. I get comments now about how full my hands are with three boys! 🙂 I always just smile and say, “Yup!”

  2. mommyofboyz

    @patchofheaven – Amen to that! (from proud Dad-of-daughter-to-be)
    @cutewife – ‘dat there is a beautiful belly indeed.

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