In Ketchup?!!!

So tonight as Luke was eating his supper, he kept pushing on his bare chest and particularly his nipples.  I guess he had never noticed them before.  (It’s been so warm here lately that I have let the boys run around without shirts.) Anyway, Luke finally asked, “What are these?”  To which I replied, “They are nipples.”  He then said, “I don’t like them.”  I asked him why.  He responded:  “Because I don’t want them here.”  I asked him, “Where do you want them?”  He said, “I want them in the ketchup.”  Uhm…  Okay then.

4 thoughts on “In Ketchup?!!!

  1. Carrie

    You’re brave to tell him the “real” name of those things!!! I still call that area on girls and guys the “chest” area as the boys have had several questions about it…haahhaha this is cute!!! thanks for sharing!

    1. mommyofboyz

      Carrie, I try to give appropriate answers when I can. I didn’t go on about it or act silly about it. He did ask where mine are, and I simply answered where yours are. He then asked to see mine, and I told him “no.” I said that it’s not appropriate to see a girl’s. He didn’t ask anything more so that was that. 🙂

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