Pumping Gas

I always enjoy having fun with my kids while I pump gas.  I started the habit when they were just babes.  I walk around the van and peer in at each boy and while doing so make funny faces.  They laugh hilariously and kick their legs in eager anticipation of when I will appear at their  window.  I always wonder what everyone around me is thinking, but that’ s okay because I am just being a mom.  🙂  I didn’t realize how much my kids loved this tradition until their daddy took them out and had to stop for gas.  They reported back that Daddy had forgotten to make faces.  So tonight while pumping gas, Daddy walked around the car, peering in the windows, and writing silly messages in the foggy windows.  What we do for our kids, but it’s those precious moments and seeing the delight on my kids’ faces that reminds me of why I am a Mom.

I wonder if someday when my kids are all grown, I will find myself fighting tears as I catch myself wanting to see a little face looking back at me as I make silly faces.

3 thoughts on “Pumping Gas

  1. Hehe! I make faces at my kids too when I get gas. Elijah and I also try to copy each other putting our hands up to the window, moving them around in a pattern. I thought I was the only one! I do think people must think I look strange.

  2. patchofheaven

    Aww! What a fun tradition! It will probably be little things like that (vs. huge, one-time trips or whatever) that your kids remember and love the most. (I originally wrote “the boys” and then remembered that you’re having a BABY GIRL TOO!) =)

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