Sweetness & Sunshine

Ah!  Lovely sunshine!  We are all enjoying this lovely spring-like weather.  Our boys love to go outside to play and will play almost all day, if allowed.  Even when the temperatures were frigid, the boys would spend hours outside.  They pretended to boat by standing on the sled and then using shovels as paddles to “paddle” up and down the yard.  That of course worked when we had ice-coated snow.  Now, they are loving the mud and happily spending hours digging holes in it.  If you visit our house, you’ll think I have some huge ground-hogs or something because there are some large holes in our backyard.  Maybe, the boys are trying to experiment with geography and hope that if  they dig deep enough they’ll discover the countries on the opposite side of the globe.  You never know…

I just added to my laundry pile another load by having extra muddy clothes and coats, which have now been discarded for sweatshirts and those have been discarded for changes in shirts.  Oh well!  I don’t think that it’s possible to get caught up on laundry anyway so I might as well decide that laundry is my new hobby.

I am so glad that we only have 59 days of school left to do because I think we are all looking forward to even more play time outside and more time to try out our area parks.  In the meantime, we continue to fill our mornings with school-work and then our afternoons with lots of quiet and play time.  The quiet time is for me; the boys get the play time.

Sometimes you don’t realize how starved you are for quiet time until you are given the opportunity to enjoy it.  Jonathan and I were able to enjoy a lovely date recently.  Thankfully, we have been collecting gift cards at Christmas and for birthdays so that we can enjoy a meal out that doesn’t involve any work on my part.  I truly think that is my favorite date.  It was so nice to just sit down and enjoy eating a meal without having to get out of my chair countless times because a child dropped a utensil, spilled a drink, needed a refill, etc…  Our meals was peaceful, soothing, tranquil — just plain lovely!  Jonathan and I enjoyed a time to talk interrupted and to simply enjoy interludes of blissful quiet too.  Oh, we love our kids, and we even love some of those chaotic meal times.  Once in awhile though, it’s nice to simply enjoy eating — the texture, fragrance, and flavors of food and time to digest it.

Last week, I overheard Drew say a number of really sweet things so I thought that I would quote him.  The following quotes are a few of things he said:

“I want to see what I can do to help you.  That’s why I helped with lunch (dinner really).”

“Don’t squeeze too hard, or my hearts will come off.”

“I’m being good because I took a nap.  I want to be good so I don’t need a correction.”

“I want to tell others about God so that they can believe in Him.”

“I’m glad you corrected me because I don’t like it when I’m bad.”

2 thoughts on “Sweetness & Sunshine

  1. My girls love the outside too! They were outside as soon as we got home from school last week on those beautiful days. Love the quotes. It amazes me what they say and how much joy it brings to your heart when you hear them speak.

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