Mommy of Grace

I was asked a few months ago what I would call my blog if I had a girl.  At the time, I said, “MommyofGrace.”  I still say that and the reason is because the lesson of God’s grace has been resounding in my heart repeatedly this year.  I have come to the understanding that I can’t be the mommy and the wife that God wants me to be without His grace pouring in and through my life.  I have come to see that any good that comes from my efforts will only be a result of His grace.  I am a product of His grace.  I try to so hard to be a good wife and mommy but never attain perfection.  My own efforts are paltry and inefficient without His grace, working through me.

The question that has often come to my mind is “How do I walk in His grace?”  I believe that the Lord has been showing me the answer to this.  A good analogy came to my mind while taking a shower one day.  God showed me that just as the warm water is pouring over me, cleansing and refreshing and thereby strengthening me, so His grace is abundantly being poured out upon me.  I keep getting this visual image of opening my hands to him and throwing back my head and letting the “warm water” of His grace just pour over me, simply enjoying it and allowing it to cleanse away the filth and stench of my own sinfulness.  It is abiding in His grace.  It is recognizing that grace.  It is understanding or coming to a clearer comprehension of that grace and then allowing the presence of His grace to transform me and my life and then everyone with whom I come in contact.

I NEED His grace — every day, every hour, every minute, every second of my day.  While I live and breathe, I am a testament of His grace.

Every rainbow in my storm… every song in my sorrows…  every drop of lemonaide from my lemons… every time I look beyond myself and my circumstances to the One Who continues to pour out His love and grace upon my life, I have begun to understand and to walk in His grace.



4 thoughts on “Mommy of Grace

    1. mommyofboyz

      Definitely! Once you are feeling better, we need to plan family outings. I think our husbands would love some man-time, the kids would love kid-time, and we would love mommy-time watching everyone having fun. 🙂

  1. Dearest Amy, You are indeed blessed with the gifts of grace, of intellect, patience, love and understanding. Your writings about the “Boyz are so precious ! You could seriously write a book or two. I enjoy reading your musings and deep feelings of love as you tell us the highlights of your day. My only regret is that I don’t take the time to read more often. Many blessings to you, today– tomorrow– and in all the days of our Oh so uncertain future. Love and kisses to JAWDL + one.

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