Funnies with L-Son

Sorry, dear readers, that it has been so long since I last sat down to type a few sentences regarding our children’s latest silly stunts, quirky quotes, and curious conundrums.  I have been running around, entertaining, cleaning, homeschooling, and trying to spend time with these dear lads so time is indeed a priceless commodity.

I wish I could recall all those funnies that have occurred since I wrote a month ago.  Since I can’t, I’ll share just a few of the quotes that L-Son recently said:

[We had the boys sleep in our room for a few days over the Christmas holiday while entertaining company.] “Mommy, can I awake my boys?  They’re sleeping.”

This morning, L-Son was cuddling on the bed with Hubs and I and eating up the attention.  His little mouth hung open at one point, and his tongue dangled.  Hubs said, “What a nice tongue you have.”  L-Son said, “Daddy, can I see your tongue?”  Upon seeing it, L-Spm said, “Awesome!”

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