A Few More Laughs From Luke

This morning when I went in to get Luke, he saw my black-tight-cladded legs and said, “Did you change your legs?”

After getting Luke up from his nap, we were sitting in our plush chair cuddling.  I wrapped a fleece blanket around us and asked Lukey if he likes to cuddle.  His response was, “My leg isn’t cuddling.”  (It was out from under the blanket.)

Some things though I wish my cutie wouldn’t say.  I took him with me to the grocery store, and we enjoyed lots of laughs and fun.  At one point though, I had to shush him when he pointed to a man and said, “That man is big.”


One thought on “A Few More Laughs From Luke

  1. patchofheaven

    Cute, that “Did you change your legs?” comment! Kirstyn was asking Cory today what color his babies are going to be. I tell you, that girl is obsessed with babies!

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