Even A Two-Year-Old Can Be A “Missionary”

Today, our family was able to volunteer at the G.A.I.N. distribution center.  We were able to help sort and bag seeds to send to families in Africa.  It was fun and neat to see even Luke get to be a part.  Will and Drew were able to gather the packets without assistance and were quite the hard workers.  It was exciting to hear of G.A.I.N.’s ministry and to be able to be part.  I am praying that my children would gain a heart for those facing spiritual, physical, emotional, educational, and economical challenges.

Concerned About Veggies

Drew has been really concerned about nutrition.  I guess our little lessons in health class are “paying off.”  Lately, he’s been saying stuff like, “I don’t want snacks.  I want veggies.”  This morning when he saw his vitamin, which to my chagrin has a coating of sugar on it, he said, “I don’t want sugary vitamins; I want vegetables.”

I should take some lessons from him.