D-Son is a Sweetie!

Often, I have been amazed by our D’s tender heart.  He has an amazing ability to sympathize, share, and protect.  Case in point, he saw daddy carrying off a naughty child to his room.  In the process, the flailing child bumped himself and was crying.  D started to sob.  I asked him why he was crying (thinking I knew why but wanting to confirm).  When he was finally calm enough to respond, he said, “Because ….  is crying.”

D is a child that you will find closest to the babies and girls.  He has a tender heart that wants to protect the little ones.  It was adorable to watch D keeping an eye on my nephew when I watched my nephew last.

D also is often quick to say, “W… or L…., you can have this toy.”  He’ll then give up his favorite and get another one for himself.  I am amazed by this and often wonder, “What makes some children so ‘naturally’ more selfless?”

2 thoughts on “D-Son is a Sweetie!

    1. mommyofboyz

      I love watching the boys give each other rides. It’s the sweetest thing! Today, they were giving each other piggy back rides. Well, the others tried, but Will successfully was able to give his younger brothers piggy-back rides. Such a sweet big brother!

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