D-Son is a Sweetie!

Often, I have been amazed by our D’s tender heart.  He has an amazing ability to sympathize, share, and protect.  Case in point, he saw daddy carrying off a naughty child to his room.  In the process, the flailing child bumped himself and was crying.  D started to sob.  I asked him why he was crying (thinking I knew why but wanting to confirm).  When he was finally calm enough to respond, he said, “Because ….  is crying.”

D is a child that you will find closest to the babies and girls.  He has a tender heart that wants to protect the little ones.  It was adorable to watch D keeping an eye on my nephew when I watched my nephew last.

D also is often quick to say, “W… or L…., you can have this toy.”  He’ll then give up his favorite and get another one for himself.  I am amazed by this and often wonder, “What makes some children so ‘naturally’ more selfless?”

Ebay is Addictive

I have been trying to organize and make some “extra” $ lately so I have taken to selling stuff on Ebay.  I have really enjoyed it but found it to be a bit addictive when I want to keep watching the auctions to see if someone is/was bidding on my stuff.  I was thrilled when I sold three of my lots of stuff!  I even got some good deals for Christmas and birthdays.  Now, I need to close the tab and keep it closed so I don’t spend too much.  I love buying things for my family so sometimes, shall we say, I am a little too tempted to spend $.  It’s really dangerous when the store is this accessible.  Bye! Bye, Ebay tab!  🙂

More Humor

I wish that I would remember more of the funny things the boys say.  I guess that is one of the main reasons why I blog — so I can remember all the cute things about my boys.  I think they’ll enjoy reading some of it too when they are older.

Here are some of our sons’ latest quotes:

Will came running in from outside and pointed to some stuff on his legs and gravely asked, “What is on my legs?”  Jonathan and I inspected them and said, “It looks like some of the tomato soup you spilled earlier.”  Will: “I cleaned that off my legs.  Do you think this is leprosy?”  Jonathan and I exchanged smiles and replied, “No, it’s not leprosy.  Why did you think it is leprosy?”  Will: “Because I learned about it in Sunday school.”  Well, at least he was listening.  🙂

On Sunday, I had moussed the boys’ hair, and as I was getting them breakfast, I told each of them that they looked “sharp”/very handsome.  When I came to carrying Luke downstairs, he turned to me, saw my wet hair (looked all moussed too) and said, “You look sharp too, Mommy.”

I can’t remember the context to this discussion, but somehow the boys were talking about babies.  Luke then turned to us and said, “Daddy and Mommy, you should make a baby.”  I wonder from where he got that?!!!  🙂