L-Son is Learning Letters

I was pretty excited to hear L-Son say the other morning, “Mommy, I see two “B’s.”  I wanted to clarify which type of b so I asked him to show me.  Sure enough, he pointed to everywhere the letter “B” was typed and showed me.  He then pointed to an “s” and said, “S.”  Maybe, he’ll be learning how to read right along with the other two.  🙂

“Luke Laughs”

Here are some recent funny quotes from Luke:

He overheard me kissing Jonathan and saying that I am so thankful that he is my husband.  Luke interrupted with, “No, he is my husband!”

Tonight as Jonathan was tucking Luke into bed, Lukey said, “Pop-Pops are squirrelly.”  That is Jonathan’s term for someone who is being mischievous.