I Cried Over the Fair

In September, we took the boys to the Fair for pre-school day (Will just made the cut-off at 5), where we all enjoyed rides, watching the circus, seeing a pig race, rock-climbing (that was me), and listening to a Celtic concert and dance.  At least twice, I caught myself crying a little.   Watching my boys have so much fun and being able to do special things with them moved me to tears.  I was glad I was wearing sun-glasses so people didn’t wonder what was wrong with me.

Some days, I am completely exasperated with my boys — especially when they do the same foolish thing repeatedly.  In spite of those times, I love my kids fiercely and passionately and desire that my kids would grow into all that God would have them to be.

This task of motherhood is daunting, exhilarating, humbling, inspiring, stimulating, thrilling, frustrating, riveting, exhausting, life-changing, and very brief.  Each morning, I awaken with a cry for patience and for my kids to learn anew today through my example and teaching more of their Heavenly Father’s love for them.