From Carbon Monoxide Alarms to Monsters

My day started with a little boy trying to climb into my bed and in the process, kicking our carbon monoxide alarm.  I awoke from my semi-awake state to throwing myself across the bed to the other side, diving over the side, and stabbing my finger at the alarm.  Of course, it proceeded to give three more successive loud beeps before emitting another ear-splitting siren.  This time, I really shoved my finger at its button and finally got it to be quiet.  I dragged my sleeping body out of bed, showered, threw on some clothes, wrapped my hair into a ponytail, and then headed downstairs to feed my hungry kiddoes.

It seemed that one of my boys was feeling just as grumpy as me because he threw quite the fit over something — can’t remember why now and was sent back upstairs to his bedroom for an attitude adjustment.

Another son managed to pee all over the floor, even though I had just had him sit on the potty a few minutes earlier.  I went to start a load of wash, and my wash machine froze on me.  At this point, I really wanted to just crawl back into bed and restart my morning.

Thankfully after getting some food into our bodies, the boys and I were feeling a little more pleasant and ready to begin our day of homeschooling.  We had a truly enjoyable time, working on phonics, playing alphabet games, writing letters, playing math games that involved eating fishies (the food kind), making cool designs from various shape blocks (teaches critical thinking), reading about mammals, and learning more about our planet.  By the time our school day was finished, we had succeeded at another fun day of learning lots.

While the kids were enjoying naps and quieter play, I even got to vacuum my downstairs and get caught up on my laundry.

Since Daddy was working another late night and the weather was irresistably beckoning me outside,  I loaded the kids into the van and took them to one of our favorite parks.  It’s by a lake and has lots of room to play.  The boys wanted me to pretend I was a monster and to chase them around the playground.  So I did just that.  I ran up the ladders, slid down the slide, climbed through the tunnels, bounced on the see-saw, and ran around and around.  Yes, I even did it in front of some other adults.  I didn’t care because I want my boys to remember that mommy made us listen, but she also was a lot of fun.

In spite of my not-so-gentle-awakening, I am happy to say that my day ended on a much more peaceful and pleasant note.

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