Stinky Momma!

As my husband just said, “You truly reek!”  I am heading to the shower after I finish watering the flowers outside and finishing this blog.   Let me tell you the story behind why I stink.

This morning, I went to our chest freezer to pull out some blueberries to serve our guests.   We had noticed for the past week that our garage has been stinking.  I thought it was a dead mouse and so did Jonathan.  As I lifted the lid, I was assaulted with the most horrific odor that you can imagine.  As Will would later exclaim, “I want to throw up!”  A fuse had blown in our garage and so without realizing it, our freezer had no power.  As you can only imagine, I saw lots of fruits, veggies, and meats in varying stages of rot.  The smells and sight were horrific.

I had the disgusting task of cleaning out our freezer.  I hauled loads of rotting food to the garbage can and some to the compost.  I then had to scoop out all the disgusting rotting liquid from the bottom, which meant brushing my head repeatedly against the top of the freezer, my arms against the sides, and managing to splash some of the juice onto my flip-flop-clad feet.  I did wear gloves.  When I was finally done with that, I had to dispose of load after load of the liquids.  I then wiped it all down with bleach water and finally poured bleach water into the freezer.  I have a feeling we’ll have to get rid of the freezer because I am not sure we will truly eliminate such a strong odor as that.

In the meantime as I was scooping out the disgusting liquids, I had fun watching Jonathan play kick-ball with the boys.  I definitely would have much rather joined them, but someone has to clean the freezer.  I was reminded of my mom and how many times she uncomplainingly would clean disgusting stuff when we were little.  I am truly thankful for her!  My mother-in-law is the same — she doesn’t find any task beneath her.  What great examples!

Even though I truly stink, I feel that I have earned the right to smell.  🙂 Ha!  I just hope a shower eliminates the smell, or I may have to sleep in a different room tonight.  🙂