Getting Past Poop and Pee

Not to gross you out, but sometimes, I wonder if my day involves anything besides those two items.  Okay, I know it does, but when you are potty-training, it seems that your day just revolves around such subjects.  This morning, I was awakened to the not-delightful news that the carpet had been peed on again.  Another son had an accident that involved the other item getting on his rug and books — wherever he sat or anything he touched.  So, one boy was dumped in the tub.  I scrubbed and scrubbed.  Another boy was given cleaners for the carpet and rags and told to clean.  Tonight, he sleeps in the tub.  We are really trying to stop this peeing all over the place.  If you have been following my past blogs, you’ll see that we are doing everything we know to teach him that he must obey.  Some kids are unbelievable though when it comes to resisting instruction.

In spite of my not-so-happy morning, I am enjoying the sounds of my kids singing songs about Jesus as they happily play.

Time for me to get the van loaded and head out to shop for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  I discovered that my son needs all new dress shoes again.  He is 5 1/2 and wears size 1 1/2!   He really is growing up!

3 thoughts on “Getting Past Poop and Pee

  1. Carrie

    Amy, I have felt the SAME WAY!!! I’ll pray for you! The only way we could get Ben to go the right direction was to promise him a trip to Disney World if he got his act together. Seriously, we were planning on going there…but I still used it as a major bribe. Nothing worked for #2 until that happened. Then just like flipping a switch he started going on the toilet. I told him if he went 3 times in the toilet then we would go. Nothing else positive or negative worked until that point…love you and praying for you!

  2. Jennifer Ott

    Ugh! Elisha was so easy, and then Abi was so difficult, and we never knew with her if it was disobedience or her physical delays… Bribery worked both times (although ours was cheaper than Disney World!): wearing big man boxers for Elisha and a Polly Pocket doll for Abi. So much for bribe-less parenting! And, Elisha is also in a 1 or 2 size shoe; we must’ve bred big boys!

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