Phones and Messes

I must admit that I have a bit of an aversion to the phone.  Perhaps, you other mothers can empathize.  It’s not that I don’t ever call anyone or ever answer.  I find that most of the time when I pick up the phone, my kids seem to immediately think, “Now’s the time…”

This past Monday was a good case-in-point.  I had a great morning with my mom meeting us at the grocery store and then treating the boys to soft pretzels and accompanying us to two different stores.  It was great to have the assistance!

I returned home from the grocery store in good spirits, feeling encouraged.  It wasn’t long until we descended into the normal chaos following grocery shopping.  I was immediately busy, fixing lunch and trying to unload and put away groceries.  With so many bags of groceries, it takes quite some time to find room for all the food.  The chaos soon followed with one son pouring his milk all over the floor while he was sitting on his little potty.  Around the same time, another son picked up a large watermelon and then proceeded to drop it, causing the watermelon to crack open in several places and sticky juice to squirt across my floor.  Then, I had to put away groceries, clean up milk, and clean up sticky watermelon juice.  Of course, I gave the proper cleaning rags to the boys and put them to work.

Lunch was served.  The boys were fed.  I should have known better, but I picked up the phone.  I needed to work out the details for Wednesday’s activities.   It wasn’t long into my conversation that one boy starting beating up another boy.  As I was dealing with that situation, I discovered another son was bouncing on a bed and rolling all over it.  The problem with that is he had a messy pull-up that had exploded past its confines.  Ugh!  My phone conversation quickly ended.

Motherhood is a humbling reminder of how many messes that we create out of which God patiently brings order and even something beautiful.  Now if only I could be as patient as He is with me!  Christianity is all about that — me, recognizing my own inadequacies and then receiving His grace and all-sufficiency!