W1 is a Winner!

Saturday evening, I sent W1 to his room to “cool down” before addressing some bad behavior.   When I returned to his room, I soon could tell that he was very frustrated at his own ability to control his temper.  I told him to wrap his arms around me and to hug me tightly.  I then gave him a “bear hug.”  It was at that point that he broke down sobbing.  He said that he has a problem with anger, and he can’t help it.  At that point, I talked with him again about why Jesus died — because we can’t be good on our own.  We try and fail, and it is a losing battle without Jesus’  help.  We discussed salvation a little more in depth, and I shared my testimony again with him.  Not long after that, Will then prayed, asking Jesus to forgive him and to help him to control his anger.

I called the rest of the family into his room, and we all prayed over Will, asking Jesus to help him.  The reminder for the siblings was that we are all a team.  If one suffers, we all suffer.  It was precious to listen to L-Son’s prayer in particular.  He, on his own, prayed, “Jesus, please help W1.  He is sad…”  I can’t remember the rest.  L-Son also sweetly gave lots of hugs, wiped away his brother’s tears, and smothered W1 with kisses.

After we had all prayed over W1, he then asked to pray for his brothers.  He then put his hand on their heads and asked Jesus to help them believe in Jesus and to help them to have good attitudes and to obey.

The rest of that evening, W1 said that he wanted to serve us and his brothers.  We told him that we would be thrilled if he would serve the Lord.  Each time that evening when a tempting situation arose, W1 was quick to respond with a sweet attitude, after a few gentle promptings from us .  It was a precious time for our family!

At one point that evening, I asked him if he felt more at peace and happier (I knew the answer).  He said, “Yes!”  I then said it was because he needed a soul cleansing, which is what happens when we truly repent and confess.  The “layers” of sin, along with its accompanying negative emotions are torn away and a new tenderness is revealed.    Praise the Lord that we have a God who not only made a way to rid us of this bondage to sin but who daily and minute-by-minute gives us grace to walk in “newness” of life and then extends forgiveness to restore us!