Doctors and Shots

Yesterday, I took Luke to the doctor’s for shots.  I had recently been given a sheet by my chiropractor with disturbing information on the ingredients in most vaccinations.  Most of it is a bunch of toxic poison really.  I questioned the nurse on it but was disturbed that she didn’t have any answers to my questions and just brushed them aside with the need for vaccinations.  I agreed that our kids need vaccinations, but it seems like they need to come up with better methods than mixing them with known cancer-causing toxins and poisons.    I came away, praying and hoping I hadn’t poisoned my child by giving him a vaccine.  I wonder what the greater risk is at this point: cancer or one of those rare diseases that you don’t hear of any more.   I want to be a good mommy, but I feel torn between what is the best decision for my family when it comes to vaccinations.

On the positive side, it was cute to hear Luke as we walked up the sidewalk say, “I want to see the big fish.”  He remembered from months ago that the office has a large aquarium with lots of fish and a very large one too.

5 thoughts on “Doctors and Shots

  1. Diana

    I know Amy, the shots worry me too. Isabel has only gotten about half the shots she should have by this age…because I have been dragging my feet about taking her to get them, since she was born. It’s hard to know what to do. I would love to hear others’ opinions.

  2. patchofheaven

    Megan hasn’t had all of her shots, for the same reason. I took my first three kids, even though I had doubts, just because — that’s what you’re “supposed” to do! But I’m just not so sure now! My gut says no. It’s a tough issue. Really tough! Cancer is popping up EVERYWHERE now, and then there’s the whole autism thing. I know friends that would say if you keep your family super healthy by eating all natural, organic food, mostly raw, no processed foods, etc (which is hard to do!), and take vitamins and supplements, and don’t take antibiotics, and use herbal remedies, and all this stuff… you don’t need vaccinations. I agree a lot with this. I think Americans depend too much on doctors, and just swallow everything hook, line and sinker. I ALSO think it is so, so easy for health to become and idol, or a stumbling block for someone else, or just a matter of contention among Christians. And that’s not good! I think ultimately, we have to do the best we can with the information we’ve been given, pray for our family, and trust God for our health and safety. There. There’s my two cents worth! =)

  3. It would be a shame for your child to die of a common disease like Whooping cough or measles. Parents in third world countries would give their right arms for the chance of saving their children from these illnesses. It is simply because of these vaccinations that you can even contemplate the thought of not inoculating your child. There has been a recent outbreak of pertussis in NYC due to parents not taking their children to be vaccinated.

    The reason there seems to be more cancer today than in the past is most likely because we have more sophisticated methods of detecting it. The issue regarding the connection between autism and vaccination is also unfounded. That is most likely due to a better ability to identify autistic children.

    By not vaccinating your children you are allowing your fears of supposed carcinogens (which have dubious health impacts in these cases) for real life issues. Death or serious illness due to a host of common maladies.

    Vaccination is vital.

  4. mommyofboyz

    I am completely for vaccinating children. I just think that surely with today’s technology, we should be able to do that without combining the bacteria with known toxins. Some of the ingredients in vaccines are the following:

    ammonium sulfate — suspected gastrointestinal, liver, nerve and respiratory system poison

    beta-propiolactone — known to cause cancer. Suspeted gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, skin, and sense organ poison.

    monosodium glutamate — neurotoxin. Allergic reactions can range from mild to severe.

    aluminium — implicated as a cause of brain damage

    formaldehyde — Major constituent of embalming fluid; poisonous if ingested. Probable carcinogen. Linked to leukemia, brain, colon, and lymphomas.

    micro-organisms — The polio vaccine was contaminated with a monkey virus now turning up in human bone, lung-lining, brain tumors, and lymphomas.

    polysorbate 80 — known to cause cancer in animals

    tri(n)butylphosphate — suspected kidney and nerve poison

    glutaraldehyde — poisonous if ingested. Causes birth defects in experimental animals.

    mercury — One of most poisonous substances known. Symptoms of mercury toxicity are similar to those of autism.

    neomycin sulfate — Interferes with B6 absorption. An error in uptake of B6 can cause a rare form of epilepsy and mental retardation.

    phenol/phenoxyethanol — Used as an antifreeze. Toxic to all cells and capable of disabling the immune system’s primary response mechanism.

    human and animal cells — Human cells from aborted fetal tissue and human albumin. Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit train, guinea pig, dog kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf serum, sheep blood and others.

    That list is enough to scare me!

    I have heard reports from my cousin to my sister-in-law who personally know children that were perfectly normal and then had the MMR shot and a few days later started to drastically change and display signs of autism. They were later diagnosed with autism. That terrifies me too!

    Of course, polio, tetanus, measles, etc… terrify me too. The question is what are the greater risks?

    I have also heard that pertussis is becoming an epidemic in a few states because of people avoiding the vaccination.

    I would like to see some serious research done on designing a better formula for vaccinating our children. I don’t have the answers though because it is complicated, which is why even our medical staff don’t have very good answers if any. The only thing they can say is that vaccinations are important — with which I agree. They can’t tell you though why these toxins are part of the vaccination formula.

  5. patchofheaven

    I agree with you, Amy! And I’ll probably have Megan finish her vaccination schedule, maybe when she’s a little older. I know I was really, really grateful that she’d had some vaccines when a whooping cough epidemic went around our church. Nobody in my family caught it, because we’d been vaccinated. So I agree with the vaccination idea, just not all the methods. YES for healthier vaccine ingredients! And I’m definitely for “selective” vaccinations. I’m not going to vaccinate my children for things that aren’t life threatening, or can be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle.

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