Doctors and Shots

Yesterday, I took Luke to the doctor’s for shots.  I had recently been given a sheet by my chiropractor with disturbing information on the ingredients in most vaccinations.  Most of it is a bunch of toxic poison really.  I questioned the nurse on it but was disturbed that she didn’t have any answers to my questions and just brushed them aside with the need for vaccinations.  I agreed that our kids need vaccinations, but it seems like they need to come up with better methods than mixing them with known cancer-causing toxins and poisons.    I came away, praying and hoping I hadn’t poisoned my child by giving him a vaccine.  I wonder what the greater risk is at this point: cancer or one of those rare diseases that you don’t hear of any more.   I want to be a good mommy, but I feel torn between what is the best decision for my family when it comes to vaccinations.

On the positive side, it was cute to hear Luke as we walked up the sidewalk say, “I want to see the big fish.”  He remembered from months ago that the office has a large aquarium with lots of fish and a very large one too.

L-Son and Families

L-Son is really into families.  Yesterday as I was stripping the wet sheets off his bed, he saw the different sizes of hearts on his mattress and asked, “Is that a mommy heart, a daddy heart, and a baby heart?”  Later as we were walking up the sidewalk to the doctor’s office, he wanted to know if the large elephant was a daddy elephant and if the smaller elephants were babies (the elephants were fake of course).

Car for a Wedding Gift!

My sister-in-law is getting married in just 15 days!  Of course, her wedding has been a topic of conversation lately with making plans for the happy occasion.  At one point while we were discussing the wedding, Will asked, “Is she getting a new car?”  We were slightly confused until we asked a few more questions.   We realized that our son thought when the happy couple rode away in their decorated car that the car was a gift too (presents always have bows and ribbons, right?).