Splash, March, and Sing!

Today, I took the boys to a splash park.  We had a wonderful time, playing in the water.  One of the highlights was playing “Follow the Leader” and taking turns with everyone getting to be the leader at some point in the game.  So, there I was, marching around with my three little boys and singing a silly wordless tune.  We got some odd looks from observers, but I didn’t care because I was thoroughly enjoying myself with my boys.  I was completely soaked, and my hair was plastered to my head, but a huge smile was on my face because I was spending special time with my boys.

We came home with rosy cheeks, in spite of two applications of strong sun-tan lotion, but I think I’ll call it a healthy glow.  Most importantly, we have an inward glow.  There aren’t too many things that are better than spending fun times with my boys and hubby!

We were blessed with wonderful weather and good trips to and from!  Both were answers to our prayers, which was another opportunity for the boys to see how God loves to answer our prayers.

Detective W1

Today, I was able to take the boys to a splash park.  We had a marvelous time!  Afterwards, friends invited us to join them for ice cream.  While there, W1 observed a theft that he told his daddy about later.  You judge for yourself, but after we heard his report, we both said that he sounds like quite the detective.  Future Special Force Operative or CIA agent, here we come!  This was his report:

“I saw two boys stealing money.  They stole it from the [tip] box in the front.  The lady didn’t see it because she was on the phone and looking out the window.  The man didn’t see it because his back was turned while he was scooping ice cream.  The one boy had black shorts and a white t-shirt.  The other boy had a blue shirt on.  The one boy took the money and put it into his shorts’ pocket.  The other boy whispered to him, and then they quickly walked off.”

Pretty impressive!  He made quite a few observations in a short amount of time — something that the adults around him never even noticed.