God Sees

Tonight, a child was telling a lie.  He insisted that he didn’t have candy when the other child insisted that he did.  I checked for myself and discovered the hidden candy.  The brother who told the truth said, “God sees everything.  He can see me in my pajamas.”

To Have Faith Like A Child

Tonight the boys had a lot of fun playing with glow-sticks that were given to them by friends.  I think the glow-sticks were more entertaining then the fireworks display.  On the way home, we discovered that one of the glow-sticks had broken.  Our one son managed to then rub some of the dye in his eyes.  Thankfully, we were home so we carried the crying child inside and for the next 20 minutes rinsed his eyes.   (I called the poison control center, and we followed their advice.)

As were were soaking Drew in the tub, Jonathan was trying to explain why it was important to rinse out Drew’s eyes.  To emphasize the importance of this, Jonathan was stressing that Drew could go blind.  Drew then said, “Well, Jesus could make me better.  We just learned about how Jesus made a blind man see.”