Dirty Throat

Last evening, Pop-Pop took our family, Gram, GG, and Aunt Becca all out to eat for Valentine’s Day.  While we were enjoying all the delicious food, Will wanted to know if the inside of our throats got all dirty from all the food sliding down it.  Jonathan explained that our drink helped wash the food down and clean our throats.  Will then wanted to know if our stomachs were dirty.  The questions they ask!

2 thoughts on “Dirty Throat

  1. David Knight

    Very perceptive young man!! He must get it from his grandfather on his father’s side. I remember JDK asking question after question getting more specific until all we could say was “…Because God made it that way”. Just wait until you get the all time best question “Who made God?”.

  2. C. Vega

    That is great! It makes sense to me Will! 🙂 It makes you stop and think of all the little things- the little parts of each bigger thing that God worked all out just perfectly- each and every thing!
    When a child, I used to NOT be able to comprehend how a car’s tires could hold up the car and all the people and things inside when they are just filled with air! 🙂

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