Giving Gloves

Today as I watched my boys play in the snow, I saw a sight that touched and encouraged my heart.  My littlest son Luke hates to wear gloves and is constantly removing them.  I told him that he needed to wear his gloves while playing in the snow.  He removed them, and I decided to let him learn the hard way that Mommy knows best.  Luke was soon complaining that his hands were cold.  What I saw next is what touched my heart.  Will removed his gloves and then tried to put them on Luke’s hands.  Luke didn’t want to wear Will’s gloves so Will then put the gloves back on his own hands and then held Luke’s hands within his gloved hands.


2 thoughts on “Giving Gloves

  1. Angela

    That was so sweet of Will to share. It is so sweet when we see those older ones looking after the younger and doing something so kind.

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