We Still Have Our Struggles At Times

There were a couple of times today when I was feeling discouragement seeping into my soul.  I think we all feel that at times.  I thought that I would share those imperfect moments with you because sometimes it’s helpful to know that we are not alone.  We all have our struggles.  I am encouraged to know that God has not written the final chapter yet in our lives.  As I sat in the arm chair today, reading my devotions and a lovely book on becoming a woman of God and godly mother, I was thankful that God has provided means for me to be encouraged, strengthened, and helped as I continue on the journey of life.  As I prayed again for my boys today, I was thankful that I could turn to a Higher Power than I, who does help and heal!

Here are my funny, frustrating, and not-so-funny moments today:

As I tried to fix hot chocolate for the boys, I became aware that I no longer could hear Luke playing in the family room.  I left the two older boys downstairs, with instructions to leave the hot chocolate alone, while I hurried upstairs to look for Luke.  As I rounded the top of the stairs, I could immediately spy the damage.  Luke jumped upon seeing me and started to cry; guilt!  Water was all over the bathroom floor, the toliet brush was lying on the floor where it had been hastily dropped, the toilet bowl was almost empty, the rug was sopping wet, and a few more things had been dropped into the puddle on the floor.  Need I say more?  Oh, and a little boy was soaking wet!

I also discovered this morning that a son(s) had peed on their radiator and carpet this morning.  Talk about frustrated when this had been a problem in the past that I had hoped had been adequately dealt with!  So once again, I meted out a three-part correction for such a weighty offense, and two boys were put to work cleaning.

Those were the most frustrating moments of my day today.

We still had fun today with playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate afterwards, and making Native American headbands this afternoon.  Will even made an imaginary bow.

So many activities in my day can seem insignificant, but each interaction with my children are moments that are shaping their character, beliefs, and identities.  With that in mind, I shall close as I have dishes to do, supper to cook, a child to awaken from a nap, and children to play with.  🙂

Eating Eggs and Ham

This past Monday, I fixed eggs and ham for the boys.  When Jonathan came to tuck Lukey into bed, Jonathan asked Luke what Luke had for dinner.  Luke said, “Eggs.”


Luke nodded and said again, “Eggs.”

Jonathan asked, “Did you have anything else?”

Luke: “Yes, ham.”

Jonathan: “Sounds like a good dinner!”

[We didn’t realize that Luke knew the words “eggs” and “ham.”

Giving Gloves

Today as I watched my boys play in the snow, I saw a sight that touched and encouraged my heart.  My littlest son Luke hates to wear gloves and is constantly removing them.  I told him that he needed to wear his gloves while playing in the snow.  He removed them, and I decided to let him learn the hard way that Mommy knows best.  Luke was soon complaining that his hands were cold.  What I saw next is what touched my heart.  Will removed his gloves and then tried to put them on Luke’s hands.  Luke didn’t want to wear Will’s gloves so Will then put the gloves back on his own hands and then held Luke’s hands within his gloved hands.