Brotherly Love

I videotaped one of the sweetest moments between brothers that I have ever seen.  Will helped put Lukey to bed tonight.  He read to him, rocked him, sang to him, prayed with him, and then told a “Henry story” (something Daddy and Mommy do with the boys before bed).  Will was very gentle and loving and sang beautifully to Luke.  Luke loved it, you could tell and was just eating up the positive attention.  These are the moments that I will ponder until I until I can remember no longer.

Growing Sons

Here are the latest stats on the boys:

Luke at age 2:

34 1/2 ins. , weighing 30 pounds 2 ozs.

Drew at the same age:

34 1/2 ins. tall, weighing 29 pounds

Will at the same age:

36 ins., weighing 29 pounds 3 ozs.

Amy at the same age:

32 1/4 ins. tall, weighing 25 pounds 12 ozs.

Jonathan at the same age:

35 ins., weighing 26 pounds 12 ozs.

Andrew at 3 3/4 years old:

39 1/4 ins. tall

Will at 40 mos.: 42 ins. tall and at 4 years: 44 ins. tall

Daddy at 3 years old: 37 1/2 ins. and at 4 years: 39 3/4 ins. tall

Will at 5 years old:

46 1/4 ins. tall

Mommy at same age: 42 3/4 ins. tall, weighing 44 pounds

Daddy at 4 3/4 years old: 42 1/4 ins. tall, weighing 38 1/4 pounds

Daddies Soon

Last evening as Jonathan was working on the computer, Drew made the following plead to his dad:

Drew: “Can you play with us after “naptime” (sleeping) – ‘cus pretty soon we’re going to be daddies – so you should play with us all day morning.”

Having A Baby

Last night, I overhead the boys in pretend play doing something that caused me to burst out into laughter.  This was what I heard,

Drew: “Uh, I’m pushing a baby out of my belly.  I need to get the baby out of my belly.”

Me: “Where’s the baby?”

Drew: “Here it is.” (as he holds up a bundled up scarf)

Will: “Silly, you can’t have a baby in your belly.  Boys don’t have babies in their bellies.”

“Funny Fellow”

Jonathan took Will out for a guys’ night on Monday evening.  I had Drew and Luke.  The two boys played very well together.  At one point, Drew and Luke made beds up on the floor and pretended to sleep.  Drew also had them pretend to sleep on the sofa and bench.  As Drew looked at Luke lying on the bench, Drew said, “Hi, funny fellow!  Mommy, I called Luke a ‘funny fellow’.”

Team Work

It was a joy to watch the boys playing outside in the snow today.  There was lots of team work going on as they took turns pushing each other on their sleds and then helping to make a snowman.  Even little Luke helped to push his older brother Drew on the sled.