Beach Berry

Drew absolutely loves the beach and ever so often will ask me when I am going to take them to the “beach berry” as he calls it.  I have no idea why he calls the beach, the “beach berry,” but he does.  I keep telling him when the weather gets warmer we will go there again.

Brotherly Love

I videotaped one of the sweetest moments between brothers that I have ever seen.  Will helped put Lukey to bed tonight.  He read to him, rocked him, sang to him, prayed with him, and then told a “Henry story” (something Daddy and Mommy do with the boys before bed).  Will was very gentle and loving and sang beautifully to Luke.  Luke loved it, you could tell and was just eating up the positive attention.  These are the moments that I will ponder until I until I can remember no longer.

Growing Sons

Here are the latest stats on the boys:

Luke at age 2:

34 1/2 ins. , weighing 30 pounds 2 ozs.

Drew at the same age:

34 1/2 ins. tall, weighing 29 pounds

Will at the same age:

36 ins., weighing 29 pounds 3 ozs.

Amy at the same age:

32 1/4 ins. tall, weighing 25 pounds 12 ozs.

Jonathan at the same age:

35 ins., weighing 26 pounds 12 ozs.

Andrew at 3 3/4 years old:

39 1/4 ins. tall

Will at 40 mos.: 42 ins. tall and at 4 years: 44 ins. tall

Daddy at 3 years old: 37 1/2 ins. and at 4 years: 39 3/4 ins. tall

Will at 5 years old:

46 1/4 ins. tall

Mommy at same age: 42 3/4 ins. tall, weighing 44 pounds

Daddy at 4 3/4 years old: 42 1/4 ins. tall, weighing 38 1/4 pounds