Can’t Think of a Good Title

Tonight as I was putting Luke to bed, I was singing to him “Jesus Loves Me.”  As I was singing, he pointed up to the ceiling.  I asked him if he was pointing to Jesus.  He said, “No.”  I asked him why he was pointing up to the ceiling then.  He said very distinctly, “I don’t know.”  I laughed and asked him again, “You don’t know why you were pointing up to the ceiling?”  He said again, “No, I don’t know why.”


The boys had a blast playing in the snow today.  We took everyone outside, made two snowmen, made snow angels, went sledding, threw snowballs, and took pictures.  When the boys first saw the snow outside their bedroom window, they said, “Maybe, we can sled off the roof.”


For supper, I tried to get everyone to eat leftovers.  We had taken Luke to Wendys for his birthday two days ago, so the boys had leftover cheeseburgers.  Drew took a look at his warmed up cheeseburger and said, “I don’t want it.  It’s been sitting around all day morning.”  [It was in the fridge.]