Last Wednesday, Drew needed stitches after running into a gym. door at church.  Thankfully, a doctor was present and was able to glue the gash closed.  Today, we inserted a needle into the hardened glue to drain the excess fluids so it would heal more quickly.  The cut is mending nicely.  Drew was our brave little boy during the whole situation and never cried during the gluing process or needle.

Joy To Our Hearts

Two things recently happened that brought joy to our hearts:

Luke surprised us by singing most of “Jesus Loves Me” by himself.

Will got all excited when we were talking about Heaven and said that he looked forward to Heaven because Jesus was going to hold him in His arms.   Will’s joy was palatable!  How exciting it was for us to discuss meeting “giants of the faith” such as David, Daniel, Joseph, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Paul, and many others!

It is moments like these that cause us to rejoice that we have been given the special opportunity to teach our precious children about the Lord!