W1 — Smart & Sweet!

As we were passing a gas station yesterday, W1 asked me why all the flags were there.  I said that they were there to look cool and to attract attention to the gas station so people would come and buy gas.  W1 said, “No, Mommy.  They are race car flags.”  I was amazed that he recognized the pattern since we are not Nascar fans.  I told him that he was right that they are race car flags, but that they were still to get people’s attention to come and buy gas.

Closer to home, we traveled over a bridge on 695.  W1 said, “Mommy, I recognize this bridge.  This is the way we come home from church.”  He was quite right.

Last night, we went to a viewing.  W1 saw an elderly lady was very sad over the death of her friend.  He walked up to her, gave her a hug, told her  he loved her, and spoke a lot to her during the evening.  He kept walking back to her, holding her hand, and telling her that she should visit us.

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