“What Was He Thinking?”

There have been a few of those moments recently when I have wondered what was going through the minds of my kids when they did certain things.  Take for instance the following:

The kids and I were at my sisters’.  I asked my nephews to keep an eye on D-1 while I took a shower.  I came downstairs and asked them where D-1 was.  They told me he was using the potty.  I peeked in on D-1 and saw that he had taken music sheets, set them on the potty, and then peed on top of the stack.  I was wondering what the purpose of that was.

Another situation was when D-1 appears at the church door on Sunday, carrying a stack of trash cans.  He had collected around 4, stacked them together, and then was going to take them outside for some purpose.

Same culprit but a different situation: I go into the boys’ room twice in  the same day to discover that during nap time and bed time, a certain boy had pooped in his potty and then dumped it all over the floor.  The second time was worse because he had smeared the poop on books, stuffed animals, the carpet, his brother, and bedding.

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