Unglorious Moments

As every mother has experienced at one time or another, motherhood has its “unglorious moments.”  There are those times that we do hardly anything besides dealing with the rudimentary basics of the digestive system.  Input and then clean up the output!  Some days, the output seems to be predominant over the input.  When I have encountered another example of my sons’ persistency in reverting to their old method of disposing of said output, I find that motherhood is indeed not to be pursued for it glorious moments.  In practicality, motherhood consists more in dealing with the unglorious moments.  I believe that the “unglorious moments” can then become “glorious” when we have learned to view them as such.  For glory can only be experienced when our emotions are willing to acknowledge it.

That is why we see great artists who often choose something worn as their subjects rather than something we might consider beautiful.  There is beauty to be seen within the wrinkles, rust, weathered, and chipped of life!  For in these imperfections, we see the stories of lives and as a result experience profound emotion by which we would otherwise be incapable.

So when I experience a morning like yesterday — when my son chooses to use the carpet rather than the potty — I can remember that I have the honor of being a mother.  I am responsible for shaping the life of a person and through him — many more!

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