Castles and Princesses

Will has recently become very interested in castles and princesses.  Here are a number of the questions that he asked us last night about the subject and some of his comments regarding it:

“I want to see a castle and a princess in a castle.  Where are the princesses and castles?  How do we drive to see a princess and castle?”

Jonathan told Will that he would have to take a plane and fly to see a castle.  Will then started to talk about planes and flying.  He said the following: “We could look out the windows.  Do you think we’ll go over the water?  I will say, ‘Whoa, this is too high!’  How do they go up so high?  Do you think they have a little door (so people can go inside)?  Where’s the door?  When I see the castle, I will say, ‘There it is.'”  [Note: This is from a boy who has never flown before.]

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