Yesterday as we were packing to leave my brothers’ house, we caught Drew starting to unwrap gum.  We took it from him and then quickly buckled everyone and left.  Four hours later when we were finally pulling into our driveway, Drew said, “I need a correction for getting into the gum.  Sorry, guys!  You need to correct me now.”

Castles and Princesses

Will has recently become very interested in castles and princesses.  Here are a number of the questions that he asked us last night about the subject and some of his comments regarding it:

“I want to see a castle and a princess in a castle.  Where are the princesses and castles?  How do we drive to see a princess and castle?”

Jonathan told Will that he would have to take a plane and fly to see a castle.  Will then started to talk about planes and flying.  He said the following: “We could look out the windows.  Do you think we’ll go over the water?  I will say, ‘Whoa, this is too high!’  How do they go up so high?  Do you think they have a little door (so people can go inside)?  Where’s the door?  When I see the castle, I will say, ‘There it is.'”  [Note: This is from a boy who has never flown before.]