W1 Teaches D-Son

This evening, Hubs saw that his teaching had actually “sunk in.”  He had taught W1 months earlier how to hang up his coat by finding his hood and slipping it on the hook.  Tonight, Hubs overheard W1 saying to D-Son, “You find your hood and slip it on the hook, like this.”  Isn’t it nice to know that our children are learning from us?

Working on the No-Whining Policy…

Jonathan and I have been working on no whining with our boys.  To help them not whine, we tell them to smile when they say please.  If they do that, it seems impossible for them to also whine.  So at lunch time today, Will asked me for something.  He said “please,” but I reminded him to say please with a smile.  He replied, “Please with a smile, Mommy, can I have…?”  🙂

Hiccups & Giggles

Today as I was walking through a store birthday gift shopping with the boys, I kept hiccuping.  Every time I would hiccup, Luke would errupt into a fit of giggles.  This continued as we walked up and down aisles.  I would hiccup, and he would giggle.  Such a funny boy!  I think we must have sounded pretty funny.