For the Record… (Don’t read if you are an Obama supporter.)

I have hesitated on writing this because I really don’t want to alienate those who disagree with me.  My husband said that I should record it for the sake of looking back on these words and seeing if I was right.  Anyway, please don’t be offended if you feel differently, but for the record, I must say that if our country elects Obama as President tomorrow, we will regret it.  Not may but will.  Mark my words.


4 thoughts on “For the Record… (Don’t read if you are an Obama supporter.)

  1. Bambi

    I agree with you Amy. I’m so afraid of what it would mean for our children in the future in regards to homeschooling, gay marriage, abortion and so many other things. Obama has the power to completely collapse the little bit of morality still around. An acquaintance (sp) of mine is an Obama supporter and on her facebook account she has ” Brace yourself America, it’s time for change!” I defintely do not want to see the “change” that Obama is trying to bring to our country. God knows how tomorrow will turn out and if Obama does get in…it will still be part of God’s plan. Our pastor reminded us of that yesterday. I do believe that America is in the downward spiral of complete moral collapse. Obama will hasten it right along and yes as you said we will regret his leadership. Let’s pray that God would show mercy to this country.

  2. I’m not one for talking politics, because I really don’t like the controversy part of it. I agree with Bambi, if he gets in, then we KNOW it’s a part of God’s plan. But, I want to also point out one other thing: I think that most people are not happy with out current leader and the decisions he’s made. Maybe I’m wrong on that one, but that’s the impression I’m under.

  3. mommyofboyz

    I believe your point, Michelle, is that some people will not be happy no matter who wins this election. That is definitely true!

    When I made the statement that our country will regret it if we elect Obama, I was referring to the decline of morality, start of “socialism,” and possible ramifications on our nation’s safety. I also was referring to all of the liberal legislation that will be passed if Obama is elected. Plus, I know that we personally will have to pay higher taxes if Obama gets elected since he will not continue the tax breaks that Bush instituted. Our financial adviser told we will be bumped from the 0% tax bracket to probably owing some $ every year. This will definitely hurt.

    As far as God being in control, He certainly is. He may choose to do as He did with Israel when they wanted their first king: if this is what we really want, we can have it; but the outcome will not be what we had hoped for nor for our good. OR, He may choose to use His Sovereign will and intervene.

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