For the Record… (Don’t read if you are an Obama supporter.)

I have hesitated on writing this because I really don’t want to alienate those who disagree with me.  My husband said that I should record it for the sake of looking back on these words and seeing if I was right.  Anyway, please don’t be offended if you feel differently, but for the record, I must say that if our country elects Obama as President tomorrow, we will regret it.  Not may but will.  Mark my words.

“I Want to Hold the Babies”

Today, I was watching a video clip regarding The Born Alive bill.  I started crying and Will asked me why I was crying.  I told him that it’s because of the babies.  He saw a picture of a baby lying by itself on a table and asked me why the baby was lying there.  I told him it was because some people do not want to take care of the babies.  He asked me why they didn’t want to.  I told him because they are selfish and sinning.  He said, “Mommy, I want to hold the babies.”  I said, “Me too, Will.  Me too.”

“I Can Sing!”

This weekend as we were driving to visit family, the boys were singing the following lines:

Will sang, “You can’t sing.”

Drew replied in song: “I can sing. I can sing.  I can sing.”

Will sang back, “No, you can’t.”

Drew sang again, “Yes, I can sing.  I can sing.  I can sing.”

(Amusing to hear)