Make Believe

The boys love to act out things they see, read about, or experience.  Anyway, this morning, the boys were walking around with sandals on their wrists and stomping.  They were being soldiers.  Their wrist shields looked a little like what you see in pictures of Roman soldiers.  I think that’s what they were imitating.  They have such great imaginations!

Moving Up

Well, our boys have been moving up in sizes.  Will is mostly wearing 5T now.  He is a very tall boy.  He wears 10 1/2 or 11 shoe sizes.  Drew is now in 3T and wears size 8 shoes.  Luke is in 12-18 mos. clothing and wears a ?size 4 shoe.  Wow!  I also have discovered that Luke needs to move to a size 4 diaper since he keeps having huge blow-outs every day, involving baths and changes of bedding several times a day.


Today as I was putting the boys down for naps, Will got this sweet look on his face and said, “You’re my best friend, Drew.  When I get new toys, I will give them to you.  Mommy, I love you.  You are my friend too.”  Wow!  Those are the moments that thrill every mom’s heart!  I am so glad to know that being a mom isn’t just about cleaning up messes, disciplining, and meeting needs.  It’s much more about “winning the heart of your child” and teaching your children to love their Heavenly Father…

This was a good reminder as I had to clean up crayon writing off my newly cleaned carpets, wash my son for the second time today, wash his bedding again, and deal with some disobedient boys!  Ah!  BUT, it only takes a few words from our children to make those other hours of challenges so worth it all!

Luke Plays “Hide N’ Seek”

This evening, I was playing “Hide N’ Seek” with the boys.  It was cute to watch Luke play too.  I would tell him to find Drew, and he would immediately find Drew’s hiding spot.  I would then ask him to find Will, and he would find Will right away.  Luke also found me where I was hiding at one point.  He is getting so big and really interacting with everyone!

Clean Carpet?

Yesterday, I had the joy of seeing my filthy carpet finally “clean” since my mom brought her carpet cleaner and cleaned my carpets for me.  What a blessing she is!!!  Today, my one son decided to “christen” the carpet.  I found him stark naked and peeing on the carpet.  Sometimes, I wonder why I try to clean.  I guess because it would be even worse.  Uhm…  So, I comfort myself with the thought that someday I will have a clean house — just not now.  🙂

Feeding Fish

Tonight as Drew was eating supper, we caught him about to dump a handful of chicken on the floor.  Jonathan asked Drew what he was doing.  Drew said, “I am feeding fish.”  (He had a very mischievious look on his face, as if he knew he was telling a “big one.”)