Today as I was putting the boys down for naps, Will got this sweet look on his face and said, “You’re my best friend, Drew.  When I get new toys, I will give them to you.  Mommy, I love you.  You are my friend too.”  Wow!  Those are the moments that thrill every mom’s heart!  I am so glad to know that being a mom isn’t just about cleaning up messes, disciplining, and meeting needs.  It’s much more about “winning the heart of your child” and teaching your children to love their Heavenly Father…

This was a good reminder as I had to clean up crayon writing off my newly cleaned carpets, wash my son for the second time today, wash his bedding again, and deal with some disobedient boys!  Ah!  BUT, it only takes a few words from our children to make those other hours of challenges so worth it all!


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