Toilet Brush Bath

Yesterday, I stepped out on our front porch to say good bye to our babysitter while our boys were sitting on their potties.  I came back inside to find water on the floor, my Bath & Body Works’ lotion on the toilet seat and in the toilet, and Drew waving the toilet bowl brush around.  His head was wet and what the boys proudly told me was that Drew had “washed” his hair with the toilet brush, toilet water, and my lotion.  What will they think of next?!!

4 thoughts on “Toilet Brush Bath

  1. Bambi

    Oh my! I read this one and burst out laughing. The kids all came over to find out why and when I told them I heard a chorus of eeewww….gross…. and somebody even said cool! Never a dull day!

  2. Angela

    Yuck! And then you had to give baths… JJ recently lied about giving Joshua the plunger. So I had to give Joshua a bath, and the rug and floor a washing. Joshua’s favorite in the bathroom is the toilet brush. By the way, that is wonderful that Drew is getting potty-trained. Hopefully, that will create some more competition for Will…

  3. mommyofboyz

    Will is definitely improving with the potty training. He still has accidents though from time to time. Drew struggles more with it, but he is also doing okay. I can’t wait to have them both potty trained! Won’t that be amazing to have just one in diapers?!!

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