Potty training Duo, Pre-school, & Pristine…

Son-W1 and Son-D are both being potty trained now.  We have had successful events for both boys, which is exciting.  I am looking forward to hopefully soon having just one boy in diapers during the day, instead of two in diapers and one in Pull-ups.  On the potty training, note I had an adventure today with the boys.  I stepped out on the porch briefly to stay good bye to our babysitter today while the boys were sitting on the potty.  I came back inside to quickly check on the boys and found them emptying my lotion into the toilet, splashing water from the toilet all over the floor; and Son-D scrubbing his head with the toilet brush, water from the toilet, and my lotion.  Ugh!!!

Son-W1’s first 1 1/2 hours of pre-school went well today.  He enjoyed the other kids and behaved very well.  I enjoyed meeting the other moms and kids.  I think Son-W1 is going to really enjoy pre-school.  He seemed to have fun his first day.  Yeah!

I feel very content now that I finally have a cleaner and more organized house.  I can’t clean often because I am too busy with the boys, and there is rarely a “safe” time to do it.  Yesterday, I resorted to not a great solution but the only one that would work without having someone else around to help.  I used movies.  I save them for events like this…  I don’t like to have to use movies so I rarely clean.  I clean bathrooms and vacuum downstairs during nap times.  Cleaning places like the upstairs, organizing filing cabinets, and bedrooms, etc… though doesn’t get done often.  Anyway, I put a movie on and locked the boys in the family room in their high chairs with some toys and cleaned the upstairs.  During their nap time, I cleaned the downstairs, bathrooms, filled out some more paperwork for Son-W1’s school, and swept my porch and spider webs off around the house.  After I put the boys to bed, I sorted and filed and reorganized our bills and business paperwork.  It felt so good to finally get to this stuff.  I even reorganized my husband’s CD’s and our games yesterday!  What a great feeling!  Our house isn’t exactly “pristine,” but in my mind it is just as good to me.

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