Labor Day Laughs

Here are a few funnies from the Labor Day weekend:

Will saw some caterpillars in a tree, and we told him that they were killing the tree.  The next morning, Jonathan heard Will loudly yelling, “Get down!  Get down!”  Jonathan told him to quiet down and asked who Will was yelling at.  Will said, “I was yelling at the caterpillars to get down from the tree [so they wouldn’t hurt the tree].”

Will loved to follow an older boy (7 years old) around.  He would yell, “Boy, come here!  Boy, pick up these stones.  Boy, I am going to put you in jail.”  Will later asked, “Mommy, why won’t the boy come play with me?  He’s one of my best friends.”  🙂


4 thoughts on “Labor Day Laughs

  1. Angela

    That is so funny! I can imagine it very easily as when JJ does’nt know someone’s name, he calls him “Boy,” and then proceeds to give a command also!

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