Pre-school Activities

For a learning activity and plain activity, I took the boys outside and drew shapes all over our driveway.  We then played games of yelling out a shape and everyone running to the right shape.  (I had drawn three of each so that Will, Drew, and I always had a shape to jump onto.)  I then let Will call out shapes that we had to jump to.  He seemed to really enjoy it.  Afterwards, I made a hop-scotch with chalk.  We then played in the sand box and rode little cars around.  Even Luke got to ride up and down the driveway on a little car, with Mommy’s assistance.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

3 thoughts on “Pre-school Activities

  1. mommyofboyz

    Ang, you could make it fit for JJ’s age by doing things like letters or words that he has to sound out and then hop on. You could do some simple words like “cat,” “bat,” and “dog” as he gets more proficient at reading. You could then call out those wordss and have him hop on them. Just a thought…

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